heroin[e] (therumtumtugger) wrote in kissxophelia,


it's the way love always was for you
suckbiteteethmoan so good you cried
so damn good, baby
bite harder, leave marks, you know?
(before you'd leave your mark differently--
the wasted carcass the next morning
in the nearest gutter after draining her frame dry)

a dangerous game as always
she relishes this bending below you
(below your shouldersarmsteeth)
and how you've gone completely wild
coating your flesh with fine thin sweat

her mind screams sensual overload
from the first time you never touched her
so completely does she adore you
and how you swallow into yourself
every bit of her she so darkly despises

no longer love-making, this has become
a different art, a weaving together of filaments
of lust and desire and a need to be filled
tongue over teeth over skin so soft

yielding to damaged veins and purple bruises
suckbiteteethmoan so good like a trashy romance
complete with ripped dresses and swooning women
it's the way love always was for you, vampyre
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