i know i got a screw loose (donthurtsailors) wrote in kissxophelia,
i know i got a screw loose

fuck all those kisses

i'll get it started.

any criticism is appreciated. :)

"choke on it, sweetheart"

in your hand
lustrous with
saliva & desire

between you & me
i just can’t stop.

like touching a haemophiliac
i always have you bleeding
leaving a galaxy of scars
a new cosmology of stars
pricked and perforated
dark into your flesh

black where the wounds creep shut
scraped into your heart
with my teeth
lacing strands of bruises into your skin
sewing your mouth shut with my own
stroking on your bones
a shuddery glissando of pain.

i’ll suck the sun from your sky
keep you in the dark
shake the glitter from your wings
leave you fluttering, sputtering,
broken in the dirt

i’ll deny you
any hope
of heaven.
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