heroin[e] (therumtumtugger) wrote in kissxophelia,

lucky number twenty-nine

did you suppose somehow
i would never wake
thinking of those others
twenty-eight, in fact
girls who shared your bed
sleeping between your arms

five, ten, fifteen, twenty
twenty-eight to be precise
like days in a short month
making me lucky number twenty-nine
a leap year girl
only comes once every four years
(and isn't it ironic?)

i want to know things about them
(short brunette athletic tall redhead
skinny paints her toenails sent you flowers
loves country music has a tongue ring
and green eyes)
and why they left you
(couldn't cry found someone else taller
or more thrilling caught you cheating
or spying or perhaps they/you
just became bored)

so tonight
when i wrapped my legs around you
and pulled you into me
i wondered
if you ever confused my body
with Carrie's (who smelled of yeast and vanilla)
or Elizabeth's (whose skin you cried over)
or any other of the couple dozen that remain

i felt you smile at me as i slept softly
afraid to wake me by touch
because Melissa never liked it
and when i did wake, frightened
you told me every other morning
without me
caused you a strange sickness
in your head and stomach muscles
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