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but the day may come when you've got something to lose...

Call for POETRY Submissions! [Please pass this along to other writing groups or poets you know in your area, we'd like to start getting some French-Canadian poets!]

Quills Canadian Poetry Magazine is in it's 2nd volume and is establishing itself in the Canadian literary market. Concordia University is using Quills in it's syllabus for the creative writing department. Over 600 hundred poets now contribute on a quarterly basis. Join us by sending in your best poems. They can be previously published as long as you remain the copyright holder. It's now available in stores across Canada, please check the website for locations near you. If you want extra copies or your local store is sold-out you can order directly from us.

Please email your 3 submissions with "Quills - Submission" in the subject line and make the poems part of the body or your email, not an attachment (we can't open any attachments, this helps protect us from viruses and keeps our email address book information from being compromised).

Include your 35 word (maximum) bio (written in 3rd person starting with your name) and your mailing address so we can send the selected poets a complimentary copy.

The DEADLINE for the SPRING Edition is February 1st so please send them soon!

Please remember, we are not supported by Arts Council grants or government funding so we need subcriptions or advertisements from publishing houses, chapbook printers or poetry related events. Subscriptions are only $25 per year plus GST. Make cheques payable to Quills Canadian Poetry Magazine and send to PO Box 21660, Vancouver BC V5L 5G3.

Help support the art of poetry for Canadians! Don't forget you can get a subscription to Volume III by entering our annual poetry contest "Byron's Quill - Award for Poetry" http://www.quillspoetry.com/byrons_quill.html

Order your copy of the erotic poetry supplement Lust for only $13.85 http://www.quillspoetry.com/lust.html
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