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yeah, i know, i'm being used, but it's okay, cos i like the abuse


For one hundred years (1840 - 1940) the freak show was one of America's most popular forms of entertainment. Today the same shows would be considered unacceptable and cruel, or as one disability rights activist put it, "the pornography of disability." (http://www.disabilityhistory.org)

Watch her drop
each dark veil
shed that dress
like a snake’s skin grown
too tight to breathe in
an ominous membrane
stripped tissue
peeling petals off the rose
to reveal the worm curled round the bud.

The incredible ossifying girl
turning to nothing but dead skin and
warped bone,
meandering spine, spidery limbs
such a pretty face and then

this cruel deviation.

Beautiful or deformed, there’s a fortune
in the flesh.
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